Alberto D’Ottavi is an expert in technology, media and innovation.
He usually writes – as a journalist, blogger, author of books - speaks – as a teacher, trainer, or public speaker – and gives advice, as a consultant. Now he’s experimenting directly everything he has learned in the past as an entrepreneur, building Blomming.com.

Professional journalist, he managed and directed various magazines, both off- and on-line, and is now working freelance and doing experiments in Digital Journalism through his professional blog and using a number of innovative communication and information tool – let’s say “social media”. Alberto has also been author or co-author of books and often speaks or participate at events.

He is Professor of New Media Technologies in the Media Design School of NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, a fine arts and design academy in Milan, and professional trainer.

Alberto uses his expertise to give advice and consultancy to companies and agencies. You can find more details on his LinkedIn profile.

He has also been partner in a number of pro-bono activities for the development of innovative entrepreneurship. You can read profile and statements on First Generation Network (in Italian).

This site
This is a kind of “professional biography”, used to trace work activities and point out useful links. If you wanna get in touch please feel free to drop a message to dottavi at gmail dot com or just follow dottavi on Twitter.